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The execution of Jeremiah Brandreth

                                    THE EXECUTION OF JEREMIAH BRANDRETH

         The proceedings of the trial and executions published in 1817 described the scene.

         The body of Brandreth was then cut down, the cap removed from the head, and in laying the corpse on the bench or
         block, which was fixed with the head towards the multitude, the chin caught on the cog, which turned up his face and
         made it appear as though his eyes, which were wide open, were fixed upon the people. The impression made on the

         minds of those just before the body, was such as will never be obliterated. – His aspect was horribly terrific. The body
         however, was soon fixed, and the neck, having been pressed close to the block, at twenty-five minutes after one the
         executioner struck the blow. The head was not at once detached from the body, and the blow appeared feebler to the
         populace than it really was, and a groan of disapprobation was the consequence. The assistant, however, with one of
         the knives, instantly completed what had not been done by the axe. The hangman seizing it by the hair, held up the
         ghastly countenance of the Nottingham Captain… He proceeded with it to the left, to the right, and to the front of the

         scaffold… exclaiming at each place,

         A full account of the trial was published in book form before the year was out and this gruesome image of Brandreth’s
         severed head was reproduced as prints and even on porcelain. The Brandreth toilet bowl and the execution block are
         on display at the exhibition in the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. [ See P.3 ]

            A section of The Anarchy Applique – currently at The National Justice Museum in Nottingham.
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