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                             PENTRICH 1817 – The executions.

           On  7   November  1817  Jeremiah                                         The  bodies  of  Brandreth,  Turner
          Brandreth,  William  Turner  and  Isaac                                   and  Ludlam  were  buried  in  St

            Ludlam were drawn on a hurdle to the                                    Werburgh’s  churchyard  in  Derby.
            scaffold in front of the County Gaol in                                 They were amongst the last men to

          Derby.  They  were  hanged  by  the                                       be publicly beheaded by the axe in
            neck  for  half  an  hour  before  being                                Britain.

          beheaded.  It  is  thought  that  Isaac                                         The execution block
          Ludlam  was  still  alive  when  he  was


          The   three   revolutionaries   had   This  caused  a  stir  in  the  crowd  as
          originally been sentenced to be hung,   Oliver’s name had deliberately been

          drawn  and  quartered  but  the  Prince   kept  out  of  the  trial  by  the  Crown
          regent  ‘showed  mercy’  by  remitting   Solicitor  William  Jeffrey  Lockett.

          the last part of the sentence. George   However,  there  was  no  serious
          Weightman,   who    had   originally   disturbance beyond that.

          received the same sentence, was not
          executed  on  the  same  day  and  two   Public  reaction  followed  now  that

          days   later   his   sentence   was   the press was free to report on the
          commuted to transportation for life.   trial and the sentences passed.
                                                                                    After   the   executions   fourteen
          A  crowd  of  6,000  people  had      Better  late  than  never  several   revolutionaries  were  transported  to
            assembled to watch the executions in   prominent  figures  commented  on   Australia  and  nineteen  received
          Derby   with   a   detachment   of    the  executions  including  the  poet   prison  sentences.  Twelve  others
                                                Percy Bysshe Shelley who made an
            Enniskillen  Guards  at  the  ready  in                                 were   released   without   further
          case  of  trouble.  That  moment  came   oblique  and  ironic  comparison   punishment  but  with  a  stern
                                                between  the  public  reaction  to  the
            when  Turner  called  out  to  the  crowd                               warning  from  the  judge.  The
          as  the  noose  was  put  around  his   sad  death  of  Princess  Charlotte  on   demolition of The White Horse Inn,
          neck.                                 6th November 1817 and the fate of   Thomas  Bacon’s  house  and  other

                                                the three executed men.             properties in Pentrich soon followed
               ‘This is all the work of the      ‘We pity the plumage but forget    leaving  the  families  of  the  rebels
               Government and Oliver’          Forthcoming events                   destitute in some cases.
                                                         the dying bird.’

            The Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group   was formed in 2014 as a single purpose community

            organisation dedicated to increasing and retaining awareness of the 1817 Pentrich Revolution. It is now a
            Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its objectives are:

               •   to commemorate the 1817 Pentrich Rising;
               •   to educate and increase awareness about the rising;
               •  to establish a legacy which preserves and entrenches the heritage of the Revolution.
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