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            PENTRICH 1817 – The trials of the revolutionaries

          The  Turners  and  some  of  the  other                                   All four were sentenced to be hung
          rebels  captured  on  June  10   1817                                     drawn  and  quartered  although  the

            had  to  endure  a  long  wait  until  they                             Prince  Regent  showed  ‘mercy’
            were brought to trial on October 15 th                                  allowing  Brandreth,  Turner  and

          1817.  The  authorities  were  waiting                                    Ludlam  to  simply  be  hanged  and
            until  after  the  harvest  so  that                                    beheaded.  George  Weightman’s

          landowners,   sympathetic   to   the                                      sentence was then commuted from
          Crown, could be sworn in.                                                 execution  to  transportation.  This

                                                                                    decision may have been influenced
          The 15 still being held in Nottingham   The  37  prisoners  were  accused   by  the  jury’s  plea  for  mercy  in  his

          were  treated  well  compared  with   ‘that  they  did  maliciously  and   case.
          those  captured  later  and  held  in   traitorously…attempt,  by  force  of

          Derby  Gaol  where  they  were  put  on   arms,  to  subvert  and  destroy  the   Even  though  Thomas  Bacon  had
          bread and water.                      Government and Constitution of this   not  taken  part  in  the  march  he

                                                Realm’  which  amounted  to  high   pleaded  guilty  to  high  treason  and
          The  trials  were  supervised  by  the   treason.  268  witnesses  for  the   was sentenced to transportation. In
            Chief  Baron,  Sir  Richard  Richards   prosecution  were  listed  ‘though  not   all  14  prisoners  were  given  this
          and  prosecuted  by  the  Attorney    all  were  called.  The  defence    sentence and 19 others were given
            General Sir Samuel  Shepherd  at  the   lawyers  were  Mr.  John  Cross  and   jail sentences with hard labour. No
          old County Hall in Derby ( below ).    Mr. Thomas Denman.                 evidence  was  offered  against  12
                                                                                    others who were released after the
                                                Jeremiah  Brandreth  was  the  first   trials.
                                                prisoner  in  the  dock  and  it  was

                                                made  clear  that  he  was  charged
                                                with  high  treason  and  not  the
                                                shooting  of  Robert  Walters,  the

                                                servant of Widow Hepworth.
                                                A  succession  of  witnesses  gave
                                                damning     evidence     against
            Members  of  the  Grand  Jury  came
          from  the  most  prominent  Derbyshire   Brandreth  and  also  against William
          families  including  Richard  Arkwright   Turner,  Isaac  Ludlam  and  George
          and Lord George Cavendish.           Forthcoming events                    Continued on Page 2 ).

            The Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group   was formed in 2014 as a single purpose community

            organisation dedicated to increasing and retaining awareness of the 1817 Pentrich Revolution. It is now a

            Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its objectives are:

               •   to commemorate the 1817 Pentrich Rising;
               •   to educate and increase awareness about the rising;

               •  to establish a legacy which preserves and entrenches the heritage of the Revolution.
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