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           PENTRICH 1817 - What happened after the rising?

          In the immediate aftermath of the     Jeremiah  Brandreth  escaped

             Pentrich  Rising  the  authorities   and  after  two  failed  attempts  to
            acted  quickly  to  round  up  the   stow  away  on  ships  bound  for
          rebels.  48  men  were  quickly       the  USA  he  had  returned  to
            arrested  and  others  over  the    Nottingham.  It  was  not  until
            following  weeks.  This  left  their   weeks later that he was arrested

          families worried and frightened.      in  Bulwell  after  being  betrayed
                                                by  Henry  Sampson  for  a  50
            Some rebels  were  initially  held  in   Guinea  reward.  Isaac  Ludlam
          Nottingham  Gaol,  where  they        was arrested in Uttoxeter around

          were  treated  well.  Others  were    the same time as Brandreth.         One  interesting  aspect  of  the
           held  in  Derby  to  await  trial.  Here                                 Pentrich story is the role played

          the  prisoners  put  on  bread  and                                       by  Hugh  Wolstenholme  the
          water in overcrowded conditions.                                          Curate  of  St.  Matthew’s  Church
                                                                                    in  Pentrich  village.  George
          William  and  Edward  Turner  were                                        Weightman  evaded  capture  for

          found  hiding  in  a  ditch  between                                      five weeks before being arrested
          Codnor  and  Langley  Mill  around                                        near  Sheffield  at  the  home  of

          mid-day  on  June  10 1817  and                                           Hugh’s      relative    William
          arrested.                                                                 Wolstenholme.
                                                A  reward  of  100  guineas  was
                                                offered for the arrest of Thomas    The captured rebels then had to
                                                Bacon  but  he  proved  elusive     endure  a  long  wait  until  they
                                                with  reports  from  Leicester  and   were brought to trial on October

                                                men  also  sent  to  Liverpool  to   15 1817.  The  authorities  were
                                                arrest  him.  Thomas  and  John     waiting until after the harvest so

                                                Bacon  were  not  captured  until   that  landowners,  sympathetic to
                                                August 15 1817 in St Ives after
                                               Forthcoming events                   the Crown, could be sworn in.
                                                a brief struggle.

            The Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group   was formed in 2014 as a single purpose community

            organisation dedicated to increasing and retaining awareness of the 1817 Pentrich Revolution. It is now a
            Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its objectives are:

               •   to commemorate the 1817 Pentrich Rising;
               •   to educate and increase awareness about the rising;
               •  to establish a legacy which preserves and entrenches the heritage of the Revolution.
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