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Special edition                                    June 2018                                                  Free

          Where? The Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock           Where? - Pentrich Village Hall - 9th June 2018

          When? From 10am - 3pm on the Monday 4th June           12 noon - Start of a new walk in Pentrich focusing

                                                                 on the aftermath of the rising.
          • A talk by Michael Parkin giving an overview and      1.00 p.m.  – A short walk around the village

           posing some unanswered questions that could
                                                                 2.00 pm - Event Open
          provide suitable research topics,

                                                                 2.15 pm - Short film – rolling preview
          • A genealogy session led by Sylvia Mason who has      2.30 pm - Welcome & introduction to events

          compiled the family trees of the Pentrich rebels       timetable

           (potentially with an input from descendants inc. our   3.00pm - Formal welcome
          Chairman John Hardwick),                               3.15 pm - Our books for sale -  which book deals

                                                                 with what!
          • An illustrated talk 'Transported for Treason'        3.30pm - William Turner - A Play by John Young

          dealing with the fate of the 14 men who were           4.45 pm - Refreshments
            transported to penal colonies in Australia and the
          impact on the families they left behind,               5.30 pm - Progress, achievements & what is left to
                                                                 do! The legacy!!
          • Some personal time for participants to look          5.45 pm - Short film again

          through archive material.                              6.00 pm - On-going research
                                                                 6.30pm - Genealogy—an outline
          Please book in advance as places are limited.
                                                                 7.00 pm - Question Time

          Patrick Cook 07931 198707                              9.00 pm - Close
          email address:                Free admission all day with refreshments on offer.

          Free admission.                                        Please come along to part or all of this event.

           The Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group  was formed in 2014 as a single purpose community

           organisation dedicated to increasing and retaining awareness of the 1817 Pentrich Revolution. It is now a
           Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its objectives are:
                  to commemorate the 1817 Pentrich Rising;
                  to educate and increase awareness about the rising;
                 to establish a legacy which preserves and entrenches the heritage of the Revolution.
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