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Pentrich books

           Here is a selection of the books we have published or re-printed* and can offer for sale.

          Author                   Title                                                               Price

          John Stevens             England’s Last Revolution*                                          £10.00
                                   This seminal book has been re-printed by the PSWRG

          John Neal                Pentrich Revolution*                                                £10.00
                                   Written at towards the end of the 19  century.
          Michael Parkin           1817 A Recipe for Revolution                                     All at £5.00
                                   Reflections on the Pentrich rising of 1817
          All available from       The Making of a Radical
          Amazon.                  The life and times of Thomas Bacon…
                                   Oliver the Spy

          W.B. Gurney              The Transcripts of the trials of Jeremiah Brandreth, William        £10.00
                                   Turner, Isaac Ludlam the Elder and George Weightman.*
          Ralph Hawkins            Transported for Treason                                             £5.00

          Gwyneth Francis          Rebel’s Way Pentrich 2017 - A tale of hope, hunger and              £3.00
                                   heroism. A short novel for younger readers.
          John Dring               The Life of Jeremiah Brandreth                                      £5.00

          Alan Brooke &            Liberty or Death - the Huddersfield Connection                      £2.50
          Lesley Kipling           Taken from an original book telling about the role of
                                   Huddersfield in the Pentrich Revolution.
          Sylvia Mason (ed.)        The Pentrich Revolution in art by various artists.                 £20.00
                                   The full collection of 46 paintings created for the Bicentenary by
                                   local artists. It is beautifully presented with information about the
                                   artists and what their painting says about the story of the
                                   Pentrich Rising.

                      See our website for further information or contact Sylvia Mason on 01773 748299
                                        P & P charges will be applied to posted items

                    Stop Press: There is a new Interpretation Board at The Sun Inn in for Eastwood.

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