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A review of the literature on The Pentrich Revolution and some recommendations for wider reading.

         Featured books and publications.

         Simon Schama – A History of Britain Volume 3 1776 – 2000
         Only two paragraphs on Page 132 ( and the author thinks that ‘Pentridge’ is in Nottinghamshire ) but there
         are important links with the Reform movement and The Peterloo Massacre of 1819.

         Edward Valance - A Radical History of Britain

         More space is given to The Pentrich Revolution in Chapter 13 on Peterloo ( Pages 319 – 325 with further
         references on Pages 341 and 346 ). Once again Pentrich is seen in the context of protests by the
         Blanketeers and others during the Regency period leading up to Peterloo.

         Ra Page (Editor ) – Protest: stories of resistance

         There are two short chapters under the title ‘The Pentrich Rising’ Trying Lydia by Andy Hedgecock is a
         fictional piece ( Pages 71 – 76 ) which refers obliquely to the planning of the Pentrich Revolution towards the
         end. In contrast Afterword: The Luddites 1817 by Dr. Katrina Navickas ( Pages 77 – 81 ) covers the
         familiar factual story focusing on the repression and use of spies by the government. Throughout the piece
         the author poses thought provoking questions with modern day resonance, e.g. ‘Who has the right to protest
         and in what ways?’ and finishes with a portrayal of Oliver the Spy as a ‘Judas figure in radical legend’ posing
         the question ‘Who is the modern day Oliver?’

         Julian Atkinson – Bravery and Deception: The Pentrich Revolt of 1817
         This short booklet was published by the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Labour History Society. It is a quick
         read ( only 36 pages ) and is an excellent introduction to the story of The Pentrich Revolution. Several
         sources are quoted including contemporary news papers which provide scope for further reading.

         Magazine articles

         All of these magazines featured articles on The Pentrich Revolution in June 2017;

         Country Images The Pentrich Rising (Pages 40 - 41) a two page article with illustrations.

         Derbyshire Life – The Pentrich Revolutionaries (Pages 56 – 60)
         BBC History – The workers’ revolution by Stephen Bates (Pages 28 – 31)

         Michael Parkin is the author of several books about The Pentrich Revolution (see Page 4). He has spent
         many years crawling around second hand books shops and other dubious places. He has even paid full
         price for several of the books!

         In actual fact, the number of books dealing with the period that do not mention Pentrich (Pentridge) Rising is
         the real surprise. Even classics like Asa Briggs and Eric Hobsbawn make no mention whilst dealing with
         period in some detail. Other than the books those published or reprinted by ourselves Michael recommends
         the following books as wider reading:

             •  Passages in the Life of a Radical - Samuel Bamford (1884)
             •  The Skilled Labourer 1769 to 1821) J and B Hammond (1911)
             •  The Making of the English Working Class - E.P. Thompson (1963)
             •  Waterloo to Peterloo - R.J. White (1957)
             •  Regency Spies - Sue Wilkes (2015)

             •  Popular Radicalism The Working Class Experience 1780-1880 - D.G. Wright (1988)
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