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             10  edition                                 April 2018                                                  Free

                 Presenting …The Pentrich  Revolution …film

          Our latest blockbuster                                                             And now the sequel...

          telling the story of The
          Pentrich Revolution in                                                             The second Pentrich

          1817.                                                                              film is currently in
          It is based on the events                                                          production with a

          that stirred in Pentrich,                                                          summer release
          Derbyshire 200 years ago                                                           planned.

           when England saw its last
          armed rebellion. The story                                                         The intended audience
            has been virtually
                                                                                             is adults and older
          neglected by historians
          (see Page 3) and it is often   The rebels arrive at Mrs. Hepworth’s house.         students who may

           forgotten by the                                                                  already know the basic
          communities in which it      The film is over nine      Special thanks to:         story of The Pentrich

          originated.                                                                        Revolution.
                                       minutes long and has       James Reader of
          The rising was borne out

          of poverty and ended         already had over 400       Front Row Films,           It will feature interviews
          tragically but it also formed   views on Youtube.       Jimmy Richards our         with experts who will

          an important link in the                                scriptwriter and James     explore the
          struggle for democracy in    Here is the link -         Oldrini who composed       significance of The

          the United Kingdom at a                                 the music for the          Pentrich Revolution in
          time when ordinary people     bespoke soundtrack.
            had few civil rights.      m/watch?v=cbP35knx         Cromford Mills and         more depth. It also has
          Our thanks to everyone       QK8&       National Justice           commentaries from
            that helped us including                              Museum for kindly          descendants and local
          the re-enactors who          In due course a DVD        providing the period       people who give an
          brought the drama to life    copy will be sent to       locations.                 insight into what this

          and the artists who kindly   local schools as a         #Pentrich2017              event means for their
          allowed us to feature their   learning resource.        #HLFfunded,                families and local

          paintings.                                              #loveheritage              communities.
                                               Forthcoming events

                                       Claiming our place in history.

            The Pentrich and South Wingfield Revolution Group   was formed in 2014 as a single purpose community

            organisation dedicated to increasing and retaining awareness of the 1817 Pentrich Revolution. It is now a
            Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Its objectives are:
               •   to commemorate the 1817 Pentrich Rising;
               •   to educate and increase awareness about the rising;
               •  to establish a legacy which preserves and entrenches the heritage of the Revolution.
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