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The Bicentenary 1817 - 2017

Who’s Who in the Group

Vice Chairman

Michael Parkin,

Retired senior police officer and latterly HR Director and employment consultant with an interest in social history.


David Williams,

Derbyshire County Councillor and Ripley town councilor, UNITE member and a member of 13 other organisations.

Genealogy, Exhibitions, Pentrich Trail walks

Sylvia Mason, Retired lifeguard trainer, swimming teacher, interested in genealogy, researching the family trees of the revolutionaries.


Valerie Herbert,

 Retired Legal Secretary, interested in the natural world.


John Hardwick,

Retired Purchase Manager, life-long resident of South Wingfield and local historian. 

Trail walks, Liaison with Nottingham Castle Museum

Roger Tanner, A retired headteacher from Nottingham and keen walker with a long time interest in local labour history.

Liaison with English Heritage re: The Big Event

Heather Schofield, Event and entertainment professional with background in theatre marketing and show production. Owned by a border terrier.

Liaison with Parish Councils, Derby University & Museum, Exhibitions

Geoff Johnston,

Local parish councillor and social worker who has developed an interest in heritage issues.

Liaison with County Council, Exhibitions

Mark Spencer,

Retired Primary headteacher and UNITE member.

Committee Member and Descendant

John Hopkinson, Retired Head of IT with a local authority and a direct descendent of the 'Pentrich Revolutionary', George Brassington sentenced to Transportation for Life.

Become a Friend of the South Wingfield and Pentrich Revolution Group or apply for Group Membership.

To become a ‘friend’ there is an annual subscription of £5.00, please contact the Secretary, Valerie Herbert initially, as we are in the process of appointing a Membership Secretary.

Website, Exhibitions

Patrick Cook,

 Retired Secondary headteacher with an interest in local history.

Committee Member and Author

John Dring,

(details to follow)