Letter from William Turner (retyped)

To the Duke of York asking him to intervene

To his Royal Highness Frederick Duke of York &c &c &c

The humble Petition of William Turner, late of South Wingfield, in the county of Derby.

I herewith

That your petitioner in the year 1797 enlisted into the Derby Militia, and from thence volunteered into the 20th Regiment of Foot, and proceeded to Holland, when he served under your Royal Highness during the Campaign in that Country in the year 1799, very soon afterwards the Regiment was ordered to Egypt until the Termination of Hostilities, he then returned to England, and received the enclosed discharge, soon after the ensuing Peace.

Unfortunately at this time your Petitioner is a Prisoner in His Majesty’s Goal at Derby, and has been convicted of High Treason, and must suffer an ignominious Death if you Royal Highness doesn’t intercede in his behalf, but from the known humane disposition of your Royal Highness your Petitioner indulges a Hope that after due Consideration of his prior Conduct you will intend yourself in his favour to save his life.

Your Petitioner regrets that ever he should have been induced by visionary thoughts to withdraw his allegiance for a moment from his Sovereign, - the agitated state of the public mind aided by the Distress in the neighbourhood caused that Disturbance of which your Petitioner was a party.

Your Petitioner has an aged Father and Mother dependent upon him for their Support, and whom has assisted support for a many years.

Your Petitioner therefore humbly begs leave to entreat Your Royal Highness to take this unfortunate affair into your Consideration, and initiate for such mitigation of the sentence as your Royal Highness thinks proper, and your Petitioner as in Duty will ever pray for