Letter from Joseph Turner

to wife Ellen from Port Macquarie 1838 (re-typed)

Wm 4 Port Macquarie 1

31st December 1838

Dear Wife

Hoping you are well I find myself much better since we arrived in Port 2 but was very poorly all the passage but now I begin to find the benefit of change of air and exercise and I hope you will not be uneasy of my remaining behind until the return of Wm the next time as it would be folly in me to return no better than when I left and having the use of a horse daily sent me by Major Innes 3 and I am also

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recommended by doctors Moncrief 4 and Macintyre 5 to take the benefit of fresh air and horse exercise as the only means of my restoration I have already been between 60 + 70 miles during the last three days on horse back and I am invited and shall remain with Mr Tozer 6 during my stay so that I shall have all the benefit of fresh air and such exercise as is alone with gods blessing be able to the recovery of my health for I am aware that when I return  I must enter on my duty and at present

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I am not fit for the task I shall endeavor to make shift with what change of clothes I have and if Capt Parsons 7 will inform you of all further particulars and will give you what money you may want until my return my Dear Ellen I hope every thing is going on well with you and trust that my short absence may be attended with real advantage to my health for your as well as for my sake.

I am Dear wife

Yours affectionately

Jos Turner

 1 Joseph is on board the William the Fourth vessel which arrived in Port Macquarie on 26th Dec 1838 which returned to Sydney on 5th Jan 1839

2 Port Macquarie is often called Port

3 Major Archibald Clunies Innes was the Commandant at Port Macquarie

4 Dr Moncrief appears to have been in Port Macquarie from February 1837

5 Dr James McIntyre (1798 – 14 July 1853) Assistant Surgeon Port Macquarie

6 Horatio Tozer was a Port Macquarie chemist and businessman

7 Master of the vessel William the Fourth, then Harbour Master at Port Macquarie